How Do You Have a Simple But Beautiful Wedding?

There’s a prevailing notion that a dream wedding needs to be grand, lavish, and filled with all the extravagance money can buy. But, for many couples, the real dream is to have a wedding that’s simple, intimate, and unforgettable in its sincerity. If you resonate with the latter, this guide is for you. Here’s how to have a wedding that’s both simple and beautifully memorable.

1. Refine Your Guest List

Quality Over Quantity: Instead of inviting everyone you know, consider limiting your guest list to those who’ve genuinely been a part of your journey. This not only cuts down on costs but also creates a more intimate atmosphere where every guest feels personally connected to the celebration.

2. Choose A Meaningful Venue

The choice of a wedding venue sets the stage for the entire celebration. It’s not just a place; it’s a canvas upon which the couple’s love story unfolds. While grand ballrooms and elaborate halls have their charm, there’s something undeniably intimate and touching about a venue that holds personal significance. Let’s delve deeper into the art of choosing a meaningful venue.

1. Walk Down Memory Lane

Places of Firsts: Think about places that have been significant in your relationship. Maybe it’s the park where you first met, the coffee shop where you had your first date or the beach where you shared your first sunset. Such venues bring a sense of nostalgia, making every moment of the celebration even more poignant.

2. Embrace Family Ties

Ancestral Homes: Some couples choose to host their wedding at a family property or ancestral home. This not only brings a rich history and personal touch but also connects generations, making the occasion a merging of the past, present, and future.

Grandparent’s Farm: Farms or countryside properties owned by family members can be turned into rustic wedding venues, where every tree, barn, or pathway might have a childhood memory attached.

3. Reflect Personal Interests

Bookstore for Bibliophiles: For couples who bonded over books, imagine exchanging vows amidst the aisles of your favorite local bookstore. The surrounding literature enhances the romance and intellectual bond shared.

Art Galleries: Artistic souls might find meaning in celebrating their union amidst beautiful art pieces, perhaps even symbolizing the art of love and companionship.

4. The Retreat into Nature

Camping Sites: For those who share a love for the outdoors, a campsite wedding can be both adventurous and intimate. Surrounded by nature and the cozy warmth of a campfire, it becomes a retreat for the couple and their loved ones.

Botanical Gardens: If your relationship blossomed over shared gardening sessions or nature walks, a botanical garden can be a lush, serene venue reflecting growth and beauty.

5. Places of Spiritual Significance

For many, spiritual or religious places, whether a local church, temple, mosque or a serene meditation retreat, hold profound significance. Marrying in such spaces can infuse the ceremony with deeper meaning and blessings.

6. Venues that Support a Cause

For socially conscious couples, consider venues that align with a shared cause. Maybe it’s an eco-resort for environmentalists or a community center that supports local arts. Such choices not only provide a unique setting but also contribute to a greater purpose.

3. Simplify The Dress Code

Dress Comfortably: Instead of heavy gowns and tight suits, opt for lighter, more comfortable attire. Think bohemian dresses, simple tuxedos, or even traditional clothes that resonate with your culture but aren’t overly ornate.

Encourage Simplicity: Inform your guests about the laid-back nature of your wedding, so they too can come in comfortable, simple attire.

4. Food and Drink: Quality Over Extravagance

Homemade Delights: Consider home-cooked meals or a potluck-style dinner where close family and friends contribute a dish. It adds a personal touch to the meal, making it special.

Local and Seasonal: Choose local and seasonal produce for your menu. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also fresher and often more delicious.

5. Decorate with Minimalism in Mind

The allure of minimalism lies in its pursuit of simplicity, clarity, and authenticity. When applied to wedding decor, minimalism doesn’t mean empty or barren. Instead, it emphasizes the beauty of purposeful choices, where each element has a role to play in setting the mood and reflecting the personalities of the couple. Here’s how to perfect the art of minimalistic wedding decoration.

1. Focal Points and Statements

Statement Pieces: Instead of cluttering a space with numerous decor elements, consider one or two larger statement pieces. This could be a grand floral centerpiece, a uniquely crafted archway for the ceremony, or an artistic backdrop for the photo booth.

Highlight the Venue: If you’ve chosen a venue with natural beauty or architectural charm, let that be the highlight. Use minimal decorations to accentuate its features rather than overshadow them.

2. Sustainable Choices

Eco-friendly Decor: Embrace materials that are biodegradable or recyclable. Think cloth banners instead of plastic ones, paper lanterns, or centerpieces made of locally sourced flowers and plants.

Multi-purpose Decor: Items such as potted plants or succulents can double as decor during the ceremony and gifts for guests later on.

3. Monochromatic Palettes

Unified Hues: A monochromatic color palette – where varying shades of a single color are used – can bring cohesiveness and a sophisticated aesthetic to the decor. Whether it’s serene blues, romantic pinks, or classic whites, this approach oozes elegance.

4. Use Negative Space

Resist the urge to fill every empty spot. Embracing negative space can create a sense of balance and harmony. This can be particularly effective in venues with a lot of natural beauty, as it allows the surroundings to shine.

5. Minimal but Meaningful

Personal Touches: Infuse the decor with elements that reflect your journey as a couple. This could be through photographs, handwritten notes, or symbols that have personal significance. Minimal doesn’t mean impersonal; it’s about being selective and purposeful.

Handmade Elements: DIY decorations, crafted with care and love, can add a personal touch without overwhelming the space. Think of handmade table numbers, seating cards, or even simplistic origami art.

6. Lighting Matters

Natural Light: If your venue permits, make the most of natural light. Daytime ceremonies illuminated by sunlight can reduce the need for additional decor.

Subtle Illuminations: For evenings, fairy lights, candles, or soft lanterns can create a warm and intimate ambiance without the need for lavish lighting fixtures.

7. Functional Decor

Furniture as Decor: Choose furniture that aligns with the minimalistic theme. Simple wooden chairs, clean-lined tables, and understated tablecloths can contribute to the decor while serving a functional purpose.

Interactive Decor: Consider elements like a minimalist guest book station or a simple photo booth corner with props that reflect your shared hobbies or interests.

6. Capture the Moments

Hire a Local Photographer: Instead of going for high-profile photographers, look for local talent. They often charge less and are more flexible with their packages.

Embrace Candid: Let your photographer capture candid moments instead of posed shots. These genuine moments often translate to the most beautiful memories.

7. Music and Entertainment

DIY Playlist: With platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you can create your wedding playlist that’s both personal and reflective of your relationship.

Acoustic Sets: If you have musically inclined friends or family, ask them to perform. An acoustic set under the stars can be incredibly intimate and memorable.

8. Keep the Ceremonies Short and Sweet

In the grand celebration of love and unity that a wedding represents, the ceremonies are the beating heart. They capture the essence of the couple’s commitment, bringing together traditions, emotions, and promises. Yet, in the modern world, where time is precious and attention spans are waning, there’s an increasing trend and appreciation for ceremonies that are short, sweet, and genuinely significant. Here’s a deep dive into why and how to craft succinct and heartfelt ceremonies.

1. The Essence of Time

Respecting Everyone’s Time: It’s not just the couple who invests time in a wedding; guests, too, set aside hours or even days for the celebration. Keeping ceremonies concise respects their time, ensuring they remain engaged and present.

More Time for Personal Interactions: Shorter ceremonies can free up time for more personal interactions. It provides an opportunity for the couple to mingle with guests, have genuine conversations, and create lasting memories.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Focus on Core Traditions: Instead of including every possible ritual, tradition, or custom, focus on those that hold the most significance for you and your partner. This allows for a deeper engagement with each act, making them more memorable.

Personalized Vows: Modern couples often opt for personalized vows. Keeping them short yet profoundly heartfelt can evoke strong emotions and remain etched in memories for years to come.

3. Streamlining the Process

Consolidate Ceremonies: If your cultural or religious traditions involve multiple ceremonies, consider consolidating them. For instance, rather than having separate ring and vow ceremonies, they can be merged into one unified moment.

Limit Speeches and Performances: While it’s wonderful to include speeches and performances, it might be wise to limit their number and duration. Choose speakers who genuinely have a strong bond with the couple and can convey their sentiments succinctly and powerfully.

4. Engaging the Audience

Interactive Elements: Short ceremonies offer the chance to include more interactive elements. Perhaps you can involve the audience in a communal vow or a shared prayer, fostering a sense of community and shared joy.

Visual Storytelling: Use multimedia presentations, like a brief slideshow or video montage, to narrate your love story. Visual narratives can be potent, capturing the essence of the journey without lengthy explanations.

5. Professional Guidance

Hire an Experienced Officiant: A skilled officiant can ensure that the ceremony flows seamlessly, keeping to the time without rushing and maintaining emotional depth.

Rehearse: It’s essential to rehearse the ceremony, especially if you aim to keep it concise. This ensures everyone involved knows their cues and timings.

6. Setting the Ambiance

Music and Sound: Choose music that resonates with the mood you wish to set. A carefully curated playlist or live performance can enhance the ambiance, making even a short ceremony feel deeply immersive.

Decor and Lighting: The setting plays a vital role in amplifying the emotions of a ceremony. Even if the proceedings are brief, the right decor and lighting can create an ethereal atmosphere, heightening the experience.

9. Personal Touches

Write Your Vows: Express your feelings, promises, and hopes for the future in your own words. It’s more intimate and far more special.

Personal Stories: Allow close friends and family to share short stories or experiences they’ve had with you. It brings warmth and intimacy to the event.

10. Remember the Essence

Always remind yourself of the reason for the celebration: your love and commitment to each other. Keeping this at the forefront can help in making decisions and ensuring the simplicity and beauty of the event remain intact.


The allure of a simple wedding lies not in minimalism for its own sake, but in the profound realization that beauty often resonates most deeply in the genuine and the heartfelt. In a world where extravagance often overshadows essence, choosing to have a simple wedding is a bold statement. It’s a commitment to prioritize the raw, unfiltered emotion of the day over the dazzle of opulence.

By distilling a wedding down to its most essential elements, couples embark on a journey that emphasizes personal stories, shared histories, and authentic moments. These are the memories that linger, long after the day has passed. It’s the intimate laughter shared under a canopy of fairy lights, the taste of a homemade dish prepared with love, the heartfelt notes of a song played by a close friend, or the touch of a hand-written vow that promises a lifetime together.

Moreover, simplicity doesn’t denote lack. On the contrary, it often leads to a richer experience, where every detail, no matter how minor, is infused with meaning and purpose. Guests don’t just attend a simple wedding; they participate in it, becoming woven into the fabric of the couple’s love story.

In a simple but beautiful wedding, love is the star, unobscured by the trappings of convention. And as years turn into decades, it’s this pure, unadulterated celebration of love that will be fondly remembered, celebrated, and cherished. So, as you plan your special day, remember that simplicity isn’t about what you’re leaving out, but about what you’re choosing to spotlight: the profound love and commitment that started it all.

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