What to do with corsage after a wedding

This article delves into various methods to preserve, repurpose, and honor your wedding corsage.


The corsage, a delicate yet significant floral arrangement, is more than just a wedding day accessory. It’s a symbol of love, joy, and the beauty of a special moment shared between loved ones. As the echoes of wedding bells fade and the petals begin to wilt, many couples find themselves pondering what to do with their wedding corsages. This seemingly small question opens the door to a world of creativity, emotion, and memory preservation.

In the whirlwind of a wedding, corsages are often chosen with care, reflecting the theme, colors, and personal tastes of the couple. They adorn wrists or lapels, adding elegance and charm to the wedding attire. But their role extends beyond mere decoration. These floral pieces hold within them the laughter, tears, and promises of a day that marks the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

As the festivities conclude, these corsages, though fragile, need not be fleeting. There are myriad ways to extend their lifespan, transforming them from ephemeral blooms into lasting keepsakes. This article explores the various paths you can take to preserve, repurpose, or thoughtfully dispose of your wedding corsages. Whether you’re a sentimentalist looking to hold onto every memory, a creative soul seeking to repurpose and reinvent, or an eco-conscious individual looking for a sustainable option, there are choices to suit every preference.

In the following sections, we delve into the art of preservation through drying, pressing, and professional methods like freeze-drying. We’ll explore how these preserved flowers can become cherished keepsakes, be it in the form of framed arrangements, jewelry, or integrated into home décor. For those who prefer to breathe new life into their corsages, we’ll discuss various crafting ideas and meaningful ways to repurpose or donate these symbols of love. Lastly, for those who lean towards eco-friendly practices, we’ll cover sustainable options like composting.

Join us as we journey through these possibilities, each offering a unique way to remember and celebrate the magic of your wedding day. The corsage, a small but mighty symbol of your special day, can continue to bring joy and beauty in myriad forms, long after the wedding day has passed.

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Preservation Techniques

The preservation of a wedding corsage allows you to capture a fragment of your special day, transforming it into a lasting keepsake. Let’s delve deeper into each method to understand how you can best preserve these delicate floral arrangements.

Drying and Pressing

  • Detailed Steps:
    • Preparation: Carefully separate each flower and leaf. Remove any excess moisture with a gentle pat using a paper towel.
    • Air Drying: Tie the stems together and hang the corsage upside down in a dark, well-ventilated room. This method is ideal for sturdy flowers like roses or lavender.
    • Pressing: Place each flower between parchment papers and press inside a heavy book. This works well for flatter flowers like daisies or violets.
    • Time and Care: Air drying may take 2-4 weeks while pressing can take up to 3 weeks. Check periodically to ensure the flowers are drying evenly and avoid overexposure to moisture or sunlight.

Silica Gel Method

  • In-depth Process:
    • Container Preparation: Choose an airtight container large enough to accommodate the corsage without overcrowding.
    • Layering Silica Gel: Gently cover the base with silica gel before placing the corsage. Carefully spoon more gel around and over the flowers, ensuring they maintain their shape.
    • Monitoring and Completion: Check the corsage after a week. Once fully dried, gently remove the flowers and use a soft brush to remove any residual silica gel.


  • Professional Freeze-Drying:
    • Finding a Service: Locate a professional freeze-drying service, as this process requires specialized equipment.
    • Process: The corsage is first frozen, then placed in a vacuum chamber where the frozen moisture sublimates directly from ice to vapor, bypassing the liquid phase.
    • Preservation Quality: This method is unparalleled in preserving the color, shape, and texture of the flowers almost as if they were fresh.

Additional Preservation Tips

  • Handling and Storage: Once preserved, handle the corsage with care. Store in a shadow box or airtight container to protect from dust and humidity.
  • Displaying: When displaying, avoid direct sunlight or areas with extreme temperature fluctuations to maintain the color and integrity of the flowers.
  • Sealants: Consider using a floral sealant spray, especially for air-dried flowers, to provide additional protection and prolong the life of the corsage.

By choosing the right preservation method for your corsage, you not only create a beautiful memento but also encapsulate the emotions and memories of your wedding day. Whether displayed in your home, included in a scrapbook, or transformed into a piece of jewelry, your preserved corsage serves as a tangible reminder of your special day.

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Creating Keepsakes

Transforming a wedding corsage into a keepsake is a beautiful way to preserve memories from your special day. Here are some creative ideas for turning your corsage into a lasting memento.

Framed Arrangements

  • Designing Your Display: Once your corsage is dried or freeze-dried, arrange it artistically on a backing board that complements its colors. You can add other elements from your wedding day, such as a piece of lace from your dress or a copy of your wedding invitation.
  • Framing Tips: Choose a shadow box frame that is deep enough to accommodate the corsage without pressing against the glass. This type of frame not only protects the corsage from dust and damage but also creates a striking 3D effect.
  • Placement: Hang or place your framed corsage in a spot away from direct sunlight to prevent fading, ensuring that this keepsake remains vibrant for years to come.

Scrapbooks or Photo Albums

  • Integrating the Corsage: Dried petals or smaller elements of the corsage can be artfully arranged in a scrapbook or photo album. Place them alongside wedding photos, written vows, or other sentimental items.
  • Preservation Tips: Use acid-free paper and consider laminating the page where the corsage is placed to protect it from humidity and wear.
  • Creative Touches: Add annotations, quotes, or dates next to the corsage for a more personalized touch. This turns your album into a storytelling piece about your wedding day.

Creating Jewelry

  • Resin Preservation: Encasing parts of your corsage in resin allows you to wear it as a unique piece of jewelry. This can be done professionally, or as a DIY project if you’re feeling crafty.
  • Jewelry Ideas: Turn petals or small buds into pendants, earrings, or charms for bracelets. These pieces can be worn on anniversaries or special occasions as a reminder of your wedding day.
  • Gifting: Such jewelry can also make heartfelt gifts for mothers, sisters, or bridesmaids as a way to share and remember the day.

Home Decor Ideas

Transforming a wedding corsage into a piece of home decor is a beautiful way to keep the memories of your special day alive in your daily life. Here are several creative ideas:


  • Making Potpourri from Dried Corsage Flowers:
    • After drying your corsage flowers, crumble them gently into smaller pieces.
    • Mix with other dried flowers or herbs for varied scents and textures.
    • Add a few drops of essential oil, like lavender or rose, to enhance the fragrance.
    • Display your homemade potpourri in decorative bowls or sachets around your home for a touch of natural beauty and aroma.

Shadow Box Display

  • Creating a Shadow Box with Your Corsage:
    • Select a shadow box frame that complements your decor style.
    • Arrange the dried corsage, perhaps alongside other wedding keepsakes like your wedding invitation, photos, or vows.
    • Consider adding a background of colored fabric or paper to make the corsage stand out.
    • This display not only serves as a beautiful piece of decor but also as a conversation starter about your wedding day.

Floral Wreath or Wall Art

  • Crafting a Wreath or Wall Art:
    • For a wreath, form a circular base using wire or a pre-made wreath form.
    • Attach the dried flowers from your corsage around the base. You can add additional elements like ribbons or faux flowers for more fullness and variety.
    • To create wall art, arrange the dried flowers on a canvas or in a picture frame in a design that pleases you.
    • These pieces can add a personalized and romantic touch to any room in your home.

Decorative Vases

  • Using Corsage Flowers in Vases:
    • Once dried, the corsage flowers can be placed in small decorative vases.
    • Mix and match with other dried flowers or greenery for a fuller arrangement.
    • These vases can be placed in various rooms, adding a subtle reminder of your wedding day.

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Perfect for special occasions or everyday elegance, it adds a touch of nature’s charm to any ensemble.

Table Centerpieces

  • Centerpieces for Special Occasions:
    • Use the dried corsage flowers to create centerpieces for your dining table, especially during anniversaries or other special celebrations.
    • Combine with candles, stones, or other decorative items to create a theme that resonates with your wedding or personal style.

Holiday Decorations

  • Incorporating into Seasonal Decor:
    • During holidays, incorporate your dried corsage flowers into decorations like Christmas wreaths, Thanksgiving centerpieces, or spring garlands.
    • This approach not only gives new life to your corsage but also ties your wedding memories to other joyful occasions throughout the year.

These home decor ideas offer a way to keep the essence of your wedding day alive in your everyday surroundings. Each option allows for personalization and creativity, ensuring that your corsage continues to bring joy and beauty into your life long after the wedding.

Gifting and Donation Options

  • Consider donating the corsage to a local hospital or nursing home to brighten someone’s day.
  • Repurpose the corsage as a thoughtful gift, perhaps for a close friend or family member.

Composting and Eco-friendly Disposal

  • If preservation isn’t your choice, composting the corsage is an eco-friendly option, turning it into nourishment for new growth.

Crafting and Art Projects

  • Engage in DIY projects, such as making bookmarks or candle decorations with dried flowers.
  • Use the dried petals in art projects, incorporating them into paintings or mixed media art.

Symbolic Rituals and Traditions

  • Plant a flower garden using the corsage as a symbolic start. It signifies growth and new beginnings in your married life.
  • Engage in water rituals, if culturally relevant, to release the corsage back to nature in a ceremonial way.


As the final notes of your wedding day melody fade into the background, the significance of small details, like the corsage, becomes ever more apparent. These delicate blooms, once a vibrant testament to your special day, don’t have to wilt away into obscurity. Instead, they can embark on a new journey, evolving from ephemeral beauty into enduring symbols of love and celebration.

The process of deciding what to do with your wedding corsage is more than a post-wedding task; it’s a passage into memory-making. Whether you choose to preserve the flowers through drying, pressing, or encapsulating them in resin, or decide to repurpose them into home decor, art projects, or gifts, each option carries with it a piece of your joyous occasion. These methods are not just about preserving a floral arrangement; they are about holding onto a tangible piece of a day that changed your life.

Furthermore, the act of transforming your corsage into something new is a poignant metaphor for marriage itself. Just as you and your partner grow and adapt, so too does the nature of your corsage, evolving from a fresh, vibrant accessory to a lasting keepsake that continues to symbolize your love and commitment. This journey of transformation reflects the beauty of building a life together, where change is constant, and each phase brings its unique beauty and challenges.

In some cases, the choice may be to let go, allowing the corsage to return to the earth through composting, or to pass on the joy it brought you by donating it. These choices, too, are reflective of the larger journey of marriage, where learning to let go, to share, and to think beyond oneself is integral to the shared path you embark upon.

As you move forward in your life together, the preserved corsage, now a piece of art, a jewelry item, or a part of your home, serves as a daily reminder of your wedding day. It’s a reminder of the promises made, the joy shared, and the love that brought you together. It’s a small, but significant piece of a day that marks the beginning of your journey as a married couple, a journey filled with its own stories, challenges, and triumphs.

In closing, what you choose to do with your corsage after the wedding is more than a decision about a physical object; it’s a reflection of your journey, your memories, and your future together. It’s a choice that speaks to the heart of what it means to cherish and to hold onto the moments that define us. As these flowers transition from their natural state to a preserved form, they remind us that while moments may pass, memories, like true love, endure.

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